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Production Capacity
Author:dsic   Date:2011/4/25 15:07:35

Production Capacity


Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Offshore Co., Ltd. has its own engineering team and the most powerful research capability in China. It possesses hardware equipment and systems including advanced computer network and system of international level, SAN and ANS integrated storage system, dozens of servers, many large digital-controlled plotters, nearly one thousand working stations and PCs. DSIC Offshore has maturity web administrator, back up, antivirus system and many professional softwares such as ANSYS & Nauticus for FEM & Fatigue, PATRAN & NASTRAN, NAPA, TRIBON M3, CADDS 5, DNV Nauticus, DNV SESAM, LR RuleCalc & Shipright etc. With the rich design experience DSIC Offshore processes the capability of basic design, detailed design and production design and has established good cooperative relations with a lot of world-famous design companies.

DSIC Offshore has successfully completed the following projects: the detailed and production design of Anchor handling & supply vessel, Multi-Purpose Survey Vessel, five FPSOs, six JU2000E jack-up rigs, two L780 and one CJ46 jack-up rigs; the production design of the F&G 9500 semi-submersible rig, FPSO & Topsides Module and 8000 ton jacket launching barge. DSIC Offshore can design and construct every type of offshore products. Up to now it has successfully developed its patent design of DSJ-300 jack-up rig with 300 feet operation depth. In addition to the above, DSIC Offshore has made breakthroughs in developments of deep water and ultra-deep water products such as 2 million barrels FPSO, 500 feet jack up rig, sixth generation 3000 meters deep water semi-submersible rig, drill ship and wind turbine installation vessel.


Total Area 660,000 m2
Dry Dock 181m×120m×12.7m

17,000 m2
Steel Processing Workshop 21,407 m2
Block Fabrication Workshop 16,600 m2
Block Painting Workshop 6,500 m2
General Assembly Area 46,000 m2
Cantilever Fabrication Area 17,000 m2
Leg Fabrication Area 26,000 m2
Block and Offshore Module Fabrication and Assembly Area 62,000 m2
Outfitting Quay Length 770m
Gantry Crane 1×Lifting power 400t, Span 120m
Gantry Crane 3×Lifting power from 45~160t
Crawler Crane 1×750t, 2×350t
Hydraulic Trailer 1×200t, 1×270t
Material Stock Yard 17,000 m2
Warehouses 17,000 m2
Steel Material Processing Capabilities 100,000t/year
Annual Capability 8~10 Offshore Projects

Steel Processing
Block fabrication workshop
Painting workshop
Dry Dock
Steel Processing
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