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1971.11     successfully delivered the first offshore drilling rig in China
1982.01     successfully delivered the first offshore drilling rig (BIGFOOT-III)
                    for export in China
1986.03     successfully delivered the first offshore drilling module in China
1998.06     successfully delivered the first BINGO9000 semi submersible
                    drilling rig in China
2001.06     successfully delivered the first Anchor handling & supply vessel
                    for export in China
  2001.07     successfully delivered the first 1 Million Barrel FPSO in China
2003.08     successfully delivered the first 1.5 Million Barrel FPSO in China
2004.05     successfully delivered the first 8000 ton jacket launching barge
                     in China

2006.05     successfully delivered the first JU2000 self-elevating jack-up

                  drilling rig (400FT) in China

  2006.09     Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Offshore Co., LTD registered
2008.07     successfully delivered the first 300FT self-elevating jack-up
                    rig in China
2009.01     successfully delivered the first semi submersible drilling rig
                    (F&G 9500) in China

2009.12     successfully delivered the first CJ46 self-elevating jack-up

                  rig in the world 10 days ahead of schedule

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